OPTIMUM Laser Centre for Better Vision is a private ophthalmic institute, having served our patients since 2000.
At Optimum Laser Centre for Better Vision, we help our patients by improving their vision with laser technology, surgically treating cataracts and diagnosing and providing therapy for other ophthalmic problems. Our professional knowledge, the number of years of surgical experience of our doctors and our technical equipment makes it possible that, apart from outpatient care, we can provide one-day surgical care. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools are effective in helping our patients recover quickly from diseases which are hidden behind ophthalmic complaints and allow us to start treatment as soon as possible.


Bausch & Lomb technology

Our institute uses the world’s leading technology of Bausch & Lomb, which has had 160 years of experience in development and production.

We were first in Hungary to introduce and use the integral laser workstation of Bausch & Lomb Technolas with great success, replacing this machine with Bausch & Lomb’s latest advance, the Zyoptix Excimer laser, in January 2011.

With the new treatment plans, ZYOPTIX Elite techniques, the vision problems caused by short-sightedness, long-sightedness and asymmetry of the axis (astigmatism) can be eliminated. The latest Supracor and Extracor techniques provide a solution for the treatment of  (presbyopia) as well, so you can do away with your reading-glasses.

In 2013, we completed our technology with a world novelty: the Victus femtosecond laser.

Apart from corneal-flap preparation, the VICTUS femtosecond laser makes cataract intervention by laser possible, which has revolutionarily changed cataract surgery.

This new surgical technique significantly increases the safety and precision of treatments and accelerates the restoration of vision after an operation for both laser vision-correction interventions and cataract operations as well.

Optimum Laser Centre for Better Vision is the first private institute in Hungary where laser cataract surgery is available.

The Supervision program offered by our institute (vision-correction and cataract surgery with laser technology) offers you the best possible visual acuity currently available.

We can proudly say that today we can give more to those longing for a life without glasses and contact lenses than ever before.

After receiving treatment with us, you can enjoy the wonderful experiences you have always wished for. You can see everything clearly and sharply in their complete brilliancy of colour without needing any visual aids.

Our institute awaits you near the heart of Budapest, in a quiet and calm and green environment in the 12th district.

Do arrange an appointment for an examination!

Our credo

Our institute’s guiding operational principle is the provision of the most modern care in the field of personalised vision correction.

One of the most important basic principles of the staff of Optimum Laser Centre for Better Vision is the existence and maintenance of their expertise so that our patients’ check-ups and treatments will be carried out with the greatest possible safety and speed and will be as painless and successful as possible for them.

We pay special attention to the fulfillment of our clients’ expectations, as well as the protection and development of our firm’s human resources.

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