Our patients’ opinions provide a mirror for us, and as such, for several years we have been collecting the comments of those who have undergone an intervention with us on the quality of our services in order to obtain guidance for our further development.

Based on the surveys:

  1. According to 99% of our patients, our experts’ professional knowledge is excellent.
  2. 96% of our patients thought that their consultation with our doctor was enough to obtain the necessary information about the different techniques.
  3. About 95% of our patients were of the opinion that at our institute they were given all the help they needed to make the best decision.
  4. 95% of our patients think that the price to value ratio of Optimum’s services is very favourable.
  5. 97%- of our patients left the institute following the examination thinking that during their stay they had managed to clarify all of their important questions.
  6. Apprised of the results of their treatment, 97% of our patients believe that having the intervention carried out was worth it financially as well.
  7. 98% of our patients felt that the interior of the institute was harmonious and calm. In addition, they also felt that all of the Optimum staff paid special attention to them concerning their medical care or their individual requests.
  8. 98% of patients would recommend Optimum Laser Centre for Better Vision to their friends and acquaintances.

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