Year after year, more and more people ask our institute for help, and more and more people come to our institute with ophthalmic complaints behind which there are easily treatable or even severe diseases.

Optimum Laser Centre for Better Vision pays special attention to the new diagnostic and treatment possibilities developed in ophthalmology. We have equipped our institute with up-to-date instruments, which help our experienced specialists to provide appropriate help to all patients who turn to us. We continually expand the treatment options available at our institute. Thus, apart from laser vision correction and cataract operations, we perform plastic surgical interventions around the eye(s).

For several years, our paediatric ophthalmology has been providing help to young children with the restoration of their vision. During a consultation with a professor, we provide an opportunity for our patients to hear complementary specialist opinions.

We provide the option of regular ophthalmic care for diabetic patients and fundus laser treatment, if necessary. Concerning glaucoma, we can track the state of the disorder and adjust the required treatment with the help of the latest diagnostic tools.

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